[users at i-scream] [PATCH] nfs support in sg_get_fs_stats()

Tim Bishop tim at bishnet.net
Thu Feb 24 12:35:38 GMT 2005

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 11:31:29PM +0100, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> the patch at
> http://codex.sigpipe.cz/~smradoch/misc/libstatgrab/libstatgrab-nfs-disk_stats.c.patch
> is all I had to do to make sg_get_fs_stats() on Linux (RHEL3) and
> FreeBSD-4.10 report nfs mounts as well. I have tested it with the PHP
> (PECL) statgrab extension, and it looks like this:
> ...
> Can this be commited?

Yup. It'll be in our next release.


Tim Bishop
PGP Key: 0x5AE7D984

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