[users at i-scream] Linux 2.4 support for disk-io stats

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 11 10:10:50 GMT 2010

Hi Tim, hi *,

as announced I've started the changes to make libstatgrab reentrant
and thread-safe.
During this I've detected support for very old disk io stats gathering
for 2.4 kernels.

Details: When /proc/partitions is used, it's tried to get additional
statistics from /proc/stat
by comparing major/minor device id's. I don't have any system using a 2.4 kernel
anymore, and I wonder if anyone else has such a system. Would it be ok to remove
such 2.4 support when it's much extra effort to adapt the code?

Best regards,

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