[users at i-scream] Missing information/fields in sg_fs_stats

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 8 13:48:06 BST 2010

Hi *,

after the port for AIX/HPUX is (more or less) finished, we moved forward to
design and implement our Agent++ snmp daemon (our intension to port
I will not add this prologue to each "missing ...." mailing, butt I
though for the first
one it could be a good idea. Probably these discussions belongs to
developers at i-scream.org, but I read it as "closed" (I understood it as
only" as it's in other projects, too).

Back to the first issue:

sg_fs_stats needs for us 2 additional pieces of information:
1) a field what contains the mount options
2) a field containing some kind of state/type:
typedef enum {
} sg_fs_some_kind_of_type_flag; /* could need a better name */

Special should be any OS-related filesystem, as sysfs, procfs, kernfs, Solaris
systable access via e.g. /etc/mnttab etc. Remote filesystems should be any
known fs which is mount over network (smbfs, cifs, afs, nfs, nfs4, ...).
Loopback is for those mount which are mounted via "mount -o bind ..." on Linux
or "mount -t namefs .." on AIX etc.

Best regards,

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