[users at i-scream] "converting" statistic counters to unsigned values

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 20 14:38:56 GMT 2011

2011/1/20 Adam Sampson <ats at offog.org>:
> Jens Rehsack <rehsack at googlemail.com> writes:
>> Would anyone care if I modify the structures that way, to get all
>> those counters which can't become negative (which are at least all I
>> remember) using an unsigned representation?
> That sounds sensible to me. The only caveat that I can think of is that
> it changes libstatgrab's ABI, so don't forget to bump the shared library
> version number up by one at the same time.

Hi Adam,

I changed so much meanwhile to get good thread support that the ABI
isn't (and in some rare circumstances the API) compatible to 0.17 anymore.

The state of my development can be reviewed at

The file system stats are splitted into collect mount information and
collect stats for each mount in that snapshot (IIRC you found that proposal
reasonable, too).

Thanks for your reply,

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