[users at i-scream] libstatgrab issues on Solaris 10 x64

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Tue May 22 09:15:30 BST 2012

On 21.05.2012 23:30, Scott Severtson wrote:
> All,

Hi Scott,

> Based on Tim's suggestion, I added the following to my configure
> command, which works:
> LDFLAGS="-lkstat -ldevinfo -lsocket -lnsl"
> I'm still concerned/confused that dependent libraries aren't linked by
> default, which appears to be the norm for most other projects I've
> worked with.

Can you do me a favour and try out a patched version of libstatgrab
you'll find below http://www.netbsd.org/~sno/smart-snmpd/ (take the
latest one) and tell us whether it works as you expect (from linker part
of view)? If it works fine, we should increase our effort to merge those
changes ...

> Thanks,
> --Scott


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