[users at i-scream] libstatgrab 0.90 released

Tim Bishop tim at bishnet.net
Fri Aug 9 12:31:36 BST 2013

We're pleased to announce the release of libstatgrab 0.90. This has been
a long time in the works (thanks for your patience Jens), but we've
finally got it released. It has a whole load of changes, including some
API changes, which is why we've bumped the version number to 0.90.

Here's an overview taken from the NEWS file:

 * Please note the API in 0.90 has changed, so applications using
   libstatgrab will need to be updated to support the changes.

 * Thread safety and reentrant functions.
 * API unification (every stats call is now able to return multiple entries).
 * Complete rewrite of internal memory management (eases future extensions).
 * Add experimental support for tracing using log4cplus.
 * Complete the ports for AIX, HP-UX and most of the widely used
   BSD-based operating systems.
 * Complete the port for Darwin/MacOS X including basic Mach.
 * Clean up the FreeBSD and Solaris implementations.
 * Remove explicit support for Linux 2.4.

It can be downloaded from here:


If you find bugs you can discuss them here or report them on our new
issue tracker over on GitHub:



Tim Bishop
PGP Key: 0x6C226B37FDF38D55

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