[users at i-scream] Cannot read file system stats

Patrick Nowak student.nowak at nordsys.de
Tue Feb 5 11:33:21 GMT 2013


I am currently trying to use libstatgrab to read certain system 
information. Reading CPU and RAM info worked perfectly. But when I try 
to read file system stats using sg_get_fs_stats() I don't get any 
information. The integer passed to this function returns zero, meaning 
no array was created.

My code:

#include <iostream>
#include <cstlib>

#include <statgrab>

int main(void) {
     int mounted_fs;

     sg_fs_stats *hd_stats = sg_get_fs_stats(&mounted_fs);

     std::cout << "Number of mounted file systems: " << mounted_fs << 
std::endl << std::endl;

     for (int i = 0; i < mounted_fs; i++) {
         std::cout << "Mount point: " << hd_stats->mnt_point << std::endl;
         std::cout << "Bytes total: " << hd_stats->size << std::endl;
         std::cout << "Bytes used: " << hd_stats->used << std::endl;
         std::cout << "Bytes free: " << hd_stats->avail << std::endl << 


I am using libstatgrab6, version 0.17-0ubuntu1 on an Ubuntu 12.04.

I hope somebody can point out my error.

Best regards,

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