[users at i-scream] libstatgrab 0.91-rc2 available

Jens Rehsack rehsack at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 19:12:29 BST 2014

Hi all,

libstatgrab 0.91-rc2 is now available for testing. Here's the planned
NEWS entry for the release:

libstatgrab 0.91 (?? Juli 2014)
* Use /proc/mounts on Linux where available. Note that this
  potentially results in different data appearing in the filesystem
  statistics. To override the choice use the --with-mnttab configure
* Add a new field named device_canonical to the filesystem statistics.
  This always holds the real device and is useful in the case where
  device_name is a symlink.
* Fix list miscounting in sg_set_valid_filesystems.
* Fix buffer overrun when dealing with a larger number of processes.
* Fix divide by zero display problem in saidar.
* Building of examples is now disabled by default. Use the
  --enable-examples configure flag to build them if required.
* Logging (log4cplus) is now only enabled if the --enable-logging
  configure flag is given.
* When logging with log4cplus is enabled, properties files are
  installed in to ${prefix}/etc. Both statgrab and saidar will search
  this location when starting up. These files can be used to
  configure the behaviour of log4cplus.
* Add Graphite output support in statgrab.
    (Thanks to John Lyman)
* Fix test suite problem when doing a VPATH build.
* Install distribution documentation (such as this file) in to
* Various other minor bug fixes identified by compiler warnings.
* Update code for the Windows platform. This is incomplete, but we
  included the changes to give anyone else working in this area a
  better starting point. We welcome pull requests to further improve
  this code. The original pull request can be found in #36.
    (Thanks to Brent Cook)

And the code is available here:


If you find any bugs please report them on the issue tracker at GitHub,
or send a pull request if you have a fix.


Jens Rehsack
rehsack at gmail.com

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