[users at i-scream] libstatgrab on AIX: data mismatch between saidar and topas

Anderson Carlos Trindade anderson.trindade at optimode.com.br
Mon May 23 16:02:04 BST 2016

Hello List,

I’m trying to understanding some differences between data reported by AIX utility topas and saidar. 

On a given moment (almost in the same second), saidar report the following CPU usage:

CPU Idle: 88,28%
CPU system: 4,72%
CPU User: 7,00%

but topas report the following usage:

%Idle 35,8%
%Kern 3,5%
%User: 60,5%
%Wait 0,2%

It seems that both utilities are using different sources of data, since the usage reported is very different. Please, could you help me to understand where these differences are coming from? my apologies in advance, because I'm very new on AIX world

This is a LPAR with 4 CPU’s



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