[users at i-scream] cygnus support for libstatgrab-0.7

Ron Arts raarts at netland.nl
Sun Nov 9 13:57:23 GMT 2003


I added cygnus support to libstatgrab-0.7, patch attached.
It's not complete yet, only the things that cygnus
itself provides through the /proc directory, so
only cygnus processes, no Windows processes yet,
and no network stats. But saidar runs, and
gives some meaningful information. I will
probably add missing functionality later.

Cygwin needs ncurses, so people compiling
under cygwin also need to ./configure --with-ncurses,
maybe someone can force that default when
compiling under cygnus? I'm not an autoconf
expert yet.
Another thing is that cygwin ncurses-devel
package is broken. After installing it, run
/etc/postinstall/libncurses-devel.sh.done to
correct it.

Note that I also replaced fclose() with endmntent()
in disk_stats.c. The FILE* that is returned by
setmntent() is not a real FILE* under cygwin, so you
can't run fclose() on it.


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