[users at i-scream] Cannot read file system stats

Patrick Nowak student.nowak at nordsys.de
Thu Feb 7 10:37:45 GMT 2013

Am 07.02.2013 11:28, schrieb Tim Bishop:
> On Thu, Feb 07, 2013 at 09:33:50AM +0100, Patrick Nowak wrote:
>> as I said before, it works with the newest version from the repo.
>> Unfortunately the requirement is to use the version provided by Ubuntu
>> 12.04 ( 0.17-0ubuntu1) or even 10.04 (0.16-0.1).
>> Can anybody tell me what changed between this versions and is there a
>> way to get this working with the older version?
> I expect it's the filesystem type. Are the ones it's not seeing ext4? A
> good way to test is to use the statgrab command:
> statgrab fs.
> I suspect with the provided Ubuntu version it doesn't show them, but
> with the newest one it does.
> There's no workaround I'm afraid. The list of filesystems is burnt in to
> the library in the older versions.
> Tim.
It shows no file systems at all when calling sg_get_fs_stats(). There 
should be different file systems mounted when I call the function (ext4, 
tmpfs, proc, ...).

'statgrab fs' returns 'Unknown stat fs'. Are you sure that's the right 
command? --help doesn't show any option like that.

Best Regards,

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