[users at i-scream] Cannot read file system stats

Patrick Nowak student.nowak at nordsys.de
Thu Feb 7 11:22:06 GMT 2013

Am 07.02.2013 12:12, schrieb Tim Bishop:
> It filters the filesystems against a list of types:
> #define VALID_FS_TYPES {"adfs", "affs", "befs", "bfs", "efs", "ext2", \
>                          "ext3", "vxfs", "hfs", "hfsplus", "hpfs", "jffs", \
>                          "jffs2", "minix", "msdos", "ntfs", "qnx4", "ramfs", \
>                          "rootfs", "reiserfs", "sysv", "v7", "udf", "ufs", \
>                          "umsdos", "vfat", "xfs", "jfs", "nfs"}
>> 'statgrab fs' returns 'Unknown stat fs'. Are you sure that's the right
>> command? --help doesn't show any option like that.
> The dot on the end was intentional:
> statgrab fs.
> Although it'll only return what sg_get_fs_stats() does. It's just a bit
> easier to test different versions of libstatgrba than writing your own
> code.
> Tim.
That explains, why I don't see my ext4 partiton :/ So it seems, that I 
have to build my own *.deb from the current (or newer sources with ext4 
support) to use this on 10.04 and 12.04.

Are there debs out there containing newer versions of libstatgrab? I 
tried to build my own with checkinstall but when building my own package 
that depends on libstatgrab it fails because evidently checkinstall 
doesn't generate a shlibs-file which is essential for my package build 
process through debuild.

Best Regards,

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