[users at i-scream] Cannot read file system stats

Tim Bishop tim at bishnet.net
Thu Feb 7 13:47:39 GMT 2013

On Thu, Feb 07, 2013 at 12:22:06PM +0100, Patrick Nowak wrote:
> Am 07.02.2013 12:12, schrieb Tim Bishop:
> >
> > It filters the filesystems against a list of types:
> >
> > #define VALID_FS_TYPES {"adfs", "affs", "befs", "bfs", "efs", "ext2", \
> >                          "ext3", "vxfs", "hfs", "hfsplus", "hpfs", "jffs", \
> >                          "jffs2", "minix", "msdos", "ntfs", "qnx4", "ramfs", \
> >                          "rootfs", "reiserfs", "sysv", "v7", "udf", "ufs", \
> >                          "umsdos", "vfat", "xfs", "jfs", "nfs"}
> >
> >> 'statgrab fs' returns 'Unknown stat fs'. Are you sure that's the right
> >> command? --help doesn't show any option like that.
> > The dot on the end was intentional:
> >
> > statgrab fs.
> >
> > Although it'll only return what sg_get_fs_stats() does. It's just a bit
> > easier to test different versions of libstatgrba than writing your own
> > code.
> That explains, why I don't see my ext4 partiton :/ So it seems, that I 
> have to build my own *.deb from the current (or newer sources with ext4 
> support) to use this on 10.04 and 12.04.
> Are there debs out there containing newer versions of libstatgrab? I 
> tried to build my own with checkinstall but when building my own package 
> that depends on libstatgrab it fails because evidently checkinstall 
> doesn't generate a shlibs-file which is essential for my package build 
> process through debuild.

I'm not aware of any packages. I'm also not too familiar with the debian
package process, but I'd have thought the easiest starting point would
be their package:


And just make the change you need. The simplest change would just be to
add ext4 to that define above.


Tim Bishop
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